We are travelling to utopia, 10 bilion light years away!

The 2,222 Apes Utopia collection, located 10 billion light years from Earth and planning to come near its Earth relatives. Apes Utopia is a community-driven and owner-centered project with a long-term sustainable goal to continually add value to its owners.

We connect together with these monkeys, who continue to exist, marry and reproduce in a place far from the world. We think that this Utopia of the Apes, which is 10 billion light years away from us, was formed in 2086. Do not make the mistake of thinking that the concept of time is the same as here! You can call these monkeys extraterrestrials if you want. The word meaning of utopia is “an imagined place or state of things in which everything is perfect.” As you can see from here, we think they are not real. But these monkeys have a world of their own! They live like us humans, eat, drive, live in apartments, villas. There are even kings and queens belonging to this utopia. Utopia kingdom! Just as humans discovered Mars, these apes discovered Earth and began to struggle to break free from the concept of “Utopia”. These monkeys, who are planning to come near their relatives in this world, are very curious about eating bananas, jumping from one tree to another in the rainforest. When 2.222 these special monkeys complete their journey to Earth, they will bring you concrete samples with them, and they will create their own art gallery, adapt to the real world, and try not to completely break with ‘utopia’.

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